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February 12, 2020



Hello everyone! 

A few weeks ago, Jules and I made our way to Monterey, California. Jules not only took me under her photography wing but also took me to California to help her second shoot a wedding! Since we were going all this way from Colorado for a wedding (that was absolutely amazing I might add), we decided to add a day to the trip to be able to explore Monterey. The photos below are a little peek into what that day looked like! Keep scrolling to take a little piece of our trip with you!

We started our day at the cutest little coffee shop called Alta. I enjoyed a little cup of tea and a croissant and I did some editing. Even though we were on a mini-vacation, there was something so soothing about being in a new place with just my laptop and tea in hand. When I’m editing an amazing engagement session, it really doesn’t feel like work. Don’t worry I didn’t work too long! I was in my happy place! 

The coffee shop had a little courtyard in the back and that is where most of these first few photos are from! It was full of beautiful blooming flowers that were so vibrant and delicate. Jules and I knew that the rest of the day would be full of us photographing whatever made us happy. We started making our way to the ocean but along the way, we found so many cool spots! 

We found yet another courtyard that was full of big trees and white arches. I loved all the architecture in Monterey. There are so many big white buildings that make for the perfect clean and bright backdrop.

On our way to the beach, we stopped at a boutique called Bliss! I loved their clothes and I was dying over their little setup out front!

Monterey Pier Beach

We finally made it to the beach and it was so calming being by the ocean. The smell of the ocean, the breeze and the sound of the seagulls made me so happy to be on this mini-vacation. We walked the pier which was full of life and color. 

Monterey Pier | Markie Mica Photography
Monterey Tidal Coffee Shop | Markie Mica Photography

We even found some otters! I named the one right above, Walter! I mean look at him, what other name would fit him better than Walter? 
We obviously had to stop at the Ghirardelli store to get some ice cream and let me tell you, it was the best chocolate ice cream I have ever had! 

Here is the one photo we took together and it was a selfie. You would think two photographers would be able to get at least one photo of us taken by someone else, BUT we didn’t.

If you are planning a trip to Monterey you have to stop at these few places that are listed below! I love me some food and good drinks so be sure to stop there! 

Alta Bakery and Cafe
502 Munras Ave, Monterey, CA 93940

Crepes of Brittany
211 Alvarado St, Monterey, CA 93940

660 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940 

Dust Bowl Brewing Co. Tap Depot
290 Figueroa St, Monterey, CA 93940



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