My Top 3 Engagement Session Tips

September 15, 2022

Lost Gulch Boulder, CO Summer engagement session. Champagne Pop


Your engagement session is just the first of many celebrations to kick off your wedding season. It’s a great way to get photos for your save the dates, wedding guest book, and for that gallery wall in your home. Maybe this is your first time being photographed as a couple. Maybe it’s not but it might be the most special! Planning your engagement session can be so fun but it can also be a little overwhelming. Here are my top three favorite engagement session tips for planning your perfect engagement session!

My Top 3 Favorite Engagement Session Tips for planning the perfect shoot

When it comes to planning your engagement session, there are three big things that can make a difference in your overall experience and photos. Season & location, outfits, and props are what I think are the most important things to focus on when planning your engagement session. Let’s jump into each of these and find out why they are so important.

Season & Location

Step one to planning your engagement session is picking out the season that you want your photos taken in. Do you want spring, summer, winter, or fall? Do you want to be in a field of wildflowers on a mount-side or sitting by a cozy fire in the winter with a cup of hot chocolate while it’s snowing? Taking the time to think about what season you want to take your photos in is important and is the foundation of planning your session.

Along with picking out a season you also have to consider your location. I always recommend taking the time to think about a spot that might be special to you both. This could be your favorite hike, where you had your first date, or your favorite coffee shop. Picking a spot that is special to you both and where you already have some memories can make your session that much more special.


Most people stress out about what to wear when taking photos. They either have no idea where to start, what colors to wear or if they should dress up or dress down. All of these things are important!

Keep in mind what season you are taking your photos in when thinking about your outfit color scheme. Over the years of photographing couples, I have learned that when you pick a color scheme that matches or emulates the backdrop, it can really make your photos pop and look cohesive. For a summer session, you might stick to blues, greens, or even a champagne-colored dress like the one in these photos. For the fall season, ivory, tans, and even pops of soft yellows can look really nice with any fall foliage. In winter, colors like dark green, white and black can look nice in a wintery forest setting.

Why choose if you should dress up or dress down when you can do both? Dressing in your more day-to-day style can help show your personality in your photos. While dressing up can also be fun and add a level of elegance to your photos. Wear that formal dress and heels that you have been wanting to wear. This is a milestone in your lives so celebrate it!

In the end, when it comes to photos, picking out an outfit or two that you feel the most comfortable and confident in is key. This is the first step to feeling relaxed in front of the camera. When you feel good it shows in the photos!


Bring a unique prop to your engagement session to help elevate your photos. This can mean a few things. It could be a bottle of champagne with some special champagne flutes. A little picnic setup with your favorite bottle of wine and pizza. Maybe it’s a handmade bouquet of baby’s breath or a bouquet of wildflowers. Or make a statement and bring a vintage car or motorcycle to the shoot!

Little or big touches like this make a big difference. All of these things can help add to your photos and help us get those genuine and joyful smiles while adding a lifestyle feel.

These are my three engagement session tips to think about when planning your perfect engagement session! I hope they are helpful and even inspired you to start planning your engagement session today!

My Top 3 Favorite Engagement Session Tips

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